Who is Sebastiaan Capel?

Born in Amsterdam in 1975, I have lived in the city all my life, bar a few years during high school in neighbouring Haarlem. Since graduating at the University of Amsterdam, with a degree in urban studies, I have worked in a number of ways at improving the city. First I worked at City Hall, both on the general staff as press officer and for the city council faction of D66. I led D66's 2006 council campaign and served for one year as our spokesman on economic and international affairs and housing.

Taking a break from politics I then worked for the ORAM business association, as an account- and relationships manager, after which I became a self employed policy and communications consultant, working for private companies and public services.

Between 2010 and 2014 I served a member of the city council, spokesman on housing and economic affairs. In my time at Town Hall I have helped raise such issues as the difficulties faced by expats seeking housing, the ambition of Amsterdam to be a creative, knowledge based city. Furthermore I have campaigned for better housing for middle incomes and working spaces for creative entrepreneurs. I also focus on increasing the bond that Amsterdammers, permanent and temporary, feel with their town.

At the elections of 2014 my party had a landslide victory, becoming the biggest party of Amsterdam. As frontrummer for D66 in the borough of Amsterdam South, I was elected as chairman in the committee. Since then I am responsible for safety, housing, education, arts and Zuidas, as well as getting residents and businesspeople involved.

In my spare time I play cricket and enjoy international literature, especially English. I have a broad and diverse social network which keeps me informed about the buzz on the streets.


http://www.sebastiaancapel.nl/contact.cfm or sebastiaancapel@hotmail.com